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In an effort to protect our patients and staff, and help stop the spread of COVID19, Mountain View Urgent Care is now offering a few new ways to get medical care in a safe manner.

Online Care: If you have a simple issue (like a urinary tract infection in women), you can stay home and get prescriptions sent to your pharmacy by using our online medical service. Yes, we now have online telemedicine care. Please call us first to be seen online from your home or on your smartphone via teleconference.

Urgent Care: The urgent care will now be seeing one patient at a time. We have eliminated the waiting room for your safety. Please call ahead and let us know what the issue is so we will be prepared. You can wait in the privacy of your car and we will come out to you. Only one patient will be in the urgent care center at a time. We will no longer accept walk-ins. Please use the restroom prior to your visit, as we will not have public restrooms available in the urgent care side.

Primary Care: We now have a separate entrance tor primary care appointments. We will see only one patient at a time in the primary care side as well. You must be well in order to be seen in the primary care center. We will screen you for illness prior to entering the primary care, so please do not take any fever-reducing medications. You can be seen for primary care from home or on your smartphone via secure video teleconference as well. Please call for an appointment.

We will be doing all that we can to prevent the spread of COVID19. This is an infection with a SIGNIFICANT mortality. It spreads easily making it difficult to control. The infection is spreading, but we can limit the spread of the virus by avoiding social contact.

Please note: If you don’t need to be seen in person, please visit to schedule an online appointment, but you must call us first so we can make sure we are available for you. We have more appointments available than are listed on the online schedule.

Now Offering Vivitrol Injections!

We now offer help for those in recovery from alcohol and people with opioid dependency. With a once a month injection, Vivitrol reduces cravings and prevents the relapse into opioid dependency.

Coming Soon! Anchorage’s Most Affordable X-Rays

Mountain View Urgent Care and Imaging Associates are working together to bring you X-Rays read by top radiologists right here in Anchorage. Our goal is to have your X-Ray performed and read by a radiologist within 60 minutes! And, we will have the best prices in Anchorage for those without health insurance coverage. Don’t miss out on the best and most affordable care in Anchorage!

Free Flu Shots

We are offering free influenza vaccinations for ages 4 year old and up for those without insurance.

Urgent cares are helping to lower health care costs!

You are not alone… more and more Americans are being forced to accept health insurance plans with incredibly high deductibles or drop their health insurance coverage altogether.

Millions of people of all ages in the United States either don’t have health insurance or have insurance that doesn’t help them when they have an acute illness.

If fact, in 2017, 29 million people of all ages were uninsured according to the National Health Interview Survey.

Also, health insurance companies have dramatically raised deductibles to record levels.

Patients who need after-hours medical care want to use their insurance to pay for the visit, but with deductibles as high as nearly $10,000 in some cases, people don’t realize that they essentially don’t have any non-emergency coverage.

As people realize that using health insurance is not an option and using a hospital-based clinic or an ER is dangerously expensive, more and more people are turning to local and more affordable options.

Your local urgent care is a more affordable alternative to hospital emergency rooms or hospital-based primary care doctor’s offices. But, if you need to go to urgent care, it’s a good idea to know how much you’ll be expected to pay ahead of time.

What is the cost of an urgent care visit?

Short answer - it depends. More complex problems cost more than simple fixes. Average price for a new patient visit ranges from $250-$350 in Anchorage.

What if I don’t have health insurance?

Without health insurance, your local urgent care is a much better choice for minor, acute issues. You will pay four to five times more in the ER than an urgent care. Many people go to the ER because they know they’ll have to be treated, even without insurance. They may not realize that urgent care centers will also treat you without insurance and many will offer payment plans if you can’t pay upfront.

What can I do to save money if I use an urgent care?

Thankfully, since so many people are dealing with high deductibles and a lack of insurance, a few urgent care centers are helping people afford health care by:

• Posting rates. (Look up rates online before you go)
• Offering discounts. (Ask about discounted/cash/self-pay rates)
• Offering payment plans. (Ask about any payment plans)
• Offering pharmacy discount cards. (Try
• Prescribing generic prescriptions.

Mountain View Urgent Care is doing all of the above to help lower health care costs.
Here are our special prices for people who don't have insurance:
New patient average visit fee: $126
Established patient average visit fee: $86
For non-emergencies, your local urgent care is a great option – it’s also a lot less expensive.

Now Open!

Now Open! 1We are open 9 AM – 9 PM Monday – Saturday. Sunday hours are 5 PM – 9 PM to meet the needs of our community. Currently we have comprehensive laboratory services through LabCorp. Soon we will have our X-Ray up and running. We can do “BasicMed” FAA Physicals as well as sports, school and Head Start physicals.

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