Now Offering Vivitrol Injections!

We now offer help for those in recovery from alcohol and people with opioid dependency. With a once a month injection, Vivitrol reduces cravings and prevents the relapse into opioid dependency.

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Coming Soon! Anchorage’s Most Affordable X-Rays

Mountain View Urgent Care and Imaging Associates are working together to bring you X-Rays read by top radiologists right here in Anchorage. Our goal is to have your X-Ray performed and read by a radiologist within 60 minutes! And, we will have the best prices in Anchorage for those without health insurance coverage. Don't miss out on the best and most affordable care in Anchorage!

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Now offering Nexplanon!

We now offer Nexplanon implantable birth control. One of the most effective and convenient birth control methods available.

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