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We are open 9am - 6pm Monday - Friday for walk-in primary care and urgent care.


Why visit Mountain View Urgent Care?

We are a friendly, full-service, physician-led, non-profit community clinic where anyone with any non-emergency can walk-in and receive same day primary care, urgent care, and behavioral health care. We treat work injuries, minor broken bones, lacerations, skin problems, sexually transmitted diseases, pneumonia, asthma and many other medical conditions. We offer same-day, walk-in "Quick Access Primary Care." We provide rapid access therapy on-line. Walk-ins are first come, first served, but we do see immediately serious conditions first. If you are having a medical emergency, like symptoms of a stroke, severe difficulty breathing, or sudden chest pain, please call 911.

Medical Care for All

We provide "Quick Access" health care for everyone.

High-Quality Care

We are on a mission to provide the highest level of service. You can be confident that you will have the best care available.

Comprehensive Service

We offer X-rays, a full service lab, specialty referrals, and we treat many conditions.

We Are Available

Please call (907) 868-1105 for inquiries. Office hours are Monday - Friday: 9 am - 5 pm

Urgent Care

Our goal is to provide comprehensive, high quality medical services where patients with non-emergencies can be seen quickly. Our on-site x-ray and full laboratory services are available whenever we are open. Same day visits are first come, first served Monday - Saturday 10:00 AM- 4:00 PM. Please register online and call when you are in our parking lot.

Medical Care for All

We accept Medicare, TRICARE, Medicaid, Denali Kid Care, Veterans Administration, and all other insurance plans. We are an In-Network Provider for Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna.

High-Quality Care

We are on a mission to provide the best affordable health care in Anchorage. You can be confident that you will have the best care available.

Comprehensive Service

We have an in-house X-ray and full service laboratory and offer a variety of services.

We Are Available

Please call (907) 868-1105, or chat online from this website for inquiries.

Self Pay Prices

Prices below are for those who pay at the visit. Prices do not apply to those with public health insurance or if we bill private health insurance.

$196 / New Patient Physician Visit
$150 / New Patient On-Line Therapist Visit

This fee does not include tests or labs.​

Rapid Tests

Rapid tests take 10-20 minutes.
Rapid Testing Fee - $10
Pregnancy Test -$15
Glucose Level - $15
Hemoglobin A1C - $40
Anemia Screen - $40
Strep Test (DNA) - $119
Strep Test (Optic) - $60
Urinalysis - $40
Complete Metabolic Panel $50
Cholesterol Panel $50
HIV/Syphilis -$50
COVID (Molecular/NAA) - $67
COVID Antigen - Free until Sept 2024 Influenza (DNA) -$121
Influenza (Optic) - $62

Send Out Blood Labs

Send out labs usually take 1-5 days.
Blood Draw Fee - $20
Basic Metabolic Panel - $10
Complete Metabolic Panel - $13
Complete Blood Count - $8
TSH - $18
Lipid Panel - $13
Hemoglobin A1c - $13
Hepatitis C Screening - $74
Uric Acid Level - $6
Prostate Specific Antigen - $25
Testosterone- $48
Mononucleosis Test - $13
Vitamin D Level - $32
Quantiferon Gold TB test - $100
Herpes Blood Test - $190

Other Tests

Urine Microscopy - $10
Urine Culture - $40
Chlamydia / Gonorrhea - $63
Herpes Swab - $130
H. Pylori Breath Test - $135
Strep Throat Culture - $9
PPD (TB test) - $50
EKG $85
X-Rays - $55

Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

"I won't go anywhere else in Anchorage"

H. Valandra Google Review

"I had a stellar experience... The staff were kind and extremely accommodating...These guys went above and beyond to help me out at the end of a tough day."

Patient Google Review

"I had a great, stress free, visit. The staff was helpful, friendly, and professional. Very knowledgeable and have great resources to help you, while still keeping it affordable! Highly recommend!"

Patient Google Review