We are open. We are seeing one person at a time in the center. You can also be seen outside or in your car if you prefer. We can also do teleconference visits.

Official VA Urgent Care

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Medical Care for All

We accept Medicare, TRICARE, Medicaid, Denali Kid Care, Veterans Administration, and all other insurance plans. We are an In-Network Provider for Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, and Cigna.

Comprehensive Service

We have an in-house X-ray and full service laboratory and offer a variety of services.

High Quality Urgent Care

We are on a mission to provide the best affordable health care in Anchorage. You can be confident that you will have the best care available.

We Are Available

Please call (907) 868-1105, or chat online from this website for inquiries.


"I won't go anywhere else in Anchorage"

H. Valandra - Google review

"I had a stellar experience at Mountain View Urgent Care. The staff were kind and extremely accommodating...These guys went above and beyond to help me out at the end of a tough day."

C. S. - Google review

"I had a great, stress free, visit. The staff was helpful, friendly, and professional. Very knowledgeable and have great resources to help you, while still keeping it affordable! Highly recommend!"

F. H. - Google review

Our Urgent Care Services

Our high quality services may be compared to a “fast track” of a local Emergency Department where patients with non-emergencies can be seen quickly. Our on-site x-ray and full laboratory services set us apart from primary care offices which do not offer these services.

We are here to serve Alaskans. We are a locally-owned business with strong ties to Alaska. We offer compassion, excellent customer service, and excellent patient care.
We can evaluate and treat minor broken bones, sprains, and injuries. We are experts at minor surgical procedures! Do you have a bothersome mole, lump, or skin tag? We can remove it and send it to a pathologist for diagnosis. Need stitches? We repair all kinds of cuts and skin lacerations. We treat abscesses, cysts, and thrombosed hemorrhoids. We also can remove ingrown toenails and perform wound care.
We do physicals for school, sports, and work, as well as "BasicMed" FAA physicals. Please bring your physical form for us to complete.
We will do our absolute best to let you know what your visit will cost up front.
One of the scariest threats to future generations is antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Inappropriate antibiotic use puts us all at risk. You can be confident that we will only prescribe antibiotics appropriately. We want to do our part to conserve antibiotics for when they are truly needed.
We treat acute pain effectively with Tylenol and Ibuprofen or anti-inflammatory injections. We have non-opiate migraine injection medications for effective migraine treatment. We will prescribe short courses of opiate medication for acute broken bones, but we do not refill or start opiate pain medications for chronic conditions.

See the special prices listed below for our "Pay in Full" discount program offered exclusively to those who pay in full at the time of service! Discounted prices are intended to provide affordable health care to those without insurance, the "underinsured", those with high deductible plans, or with inability to pay the usual prices and must be paid in full at the visit. An "Established Patient" is someone who had at least one prior in-person clinic visit. Prices do not apply to those with Medicare, Medicaid or other government insurance plans. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, let us know - we will work with you to get you the care you need. Labs must be ordered by a licensed medical professional. You may bring lab orders from other clinics for us to draw. Special lab prices below are offered to those who pay in full on the day of service.

Minor Issue

56Established Patient
86New Patient
  • No testing or on-site treatment, i.e. ear infection, viral upper respiratory infection, simple medication refill etc.

Challenging Issue

86Established Patient
126New Patient
  • Testing and/or on-site treatment needed, i.e. urine infection, strep throat, etc. (See prices below for testing.)

Complex Issue

126Established Patient
196New Patient
  • Requires extensive evaluation or intensive treatment, i.e. breathing problems, broken bone, laceration etc.

Rapid Tests

  • Rapid COVID Test - $177
  • Rapid Pregnancy Test -$5
  • Rapid Glucose Level - $5
  • Rapid A1C (Test for diabetes) - $15
  • Rapid Anemia Screen - $15
  • Rapid Mononucleosis Screen - $15
  • Rapid Strep Test - $15
  • Rapid Influenza Test - $15
  • Rapid Syphilis Test - $25

Send Out Labs

  • Blood Draw Fee - $15
  • Complete Metabolic Panel - $8
  • Complete Blood Count - $5
  • Thyroid Panel - $12
  • Lipid Panel - $8
  • Hemoglobin A1c - $8
  • Mononucleosis - $10
  • Uric Acid Level - $4
  • Prostate Specific Antigen - $32

Other Labs

  • On-Site Urinalysis - $8
  • Urine Culture - $40
  • Chlamydia / Gonorrhea - $42
  • Herpes (HSV 1/2) blood test - $120
  • Herpes Culture - $72
  • PT/INR (Coumadin Monitoring) - $5
  • H. Pylori Breath Test - $100
  • H. Pylori Blood Test - $40
  • H. Pylori Stool Test - $35